A UC Santa Barbara professor emeritus is advocating for young children to be educated in “emotions.” 

Sociologist Thomas Scheff says there’s a problem with how people deal with their feelings.

“Modern societies tend to ignore emotions, and that’s a big mistake,” he said.

In his paper titled “An Emotion Problem in Cooperative Education” that was recently published in the journal “Medical Sciences,” he makes the case for instruction in emotions beginning as early as kindergarten.

The Los Angeles Lakers are at UC Santa Barbara for the week, to get ready for the season ahead.

This year they start without Kobe Bryant, who retired last season.

There's quite a transition taking place in Isla Vista this week.

After the end of summer break, students have started returning in big numbers for the start of the new school year.

A South Coast university has received a $10 million dollar grant for a new program to look at problems facing our oceans, and to develop practical ways to address them.

UC Santa Barbara is launching what’s known as the Benioff Ocean Initiative. It will bring researchers studying the ocean together with students to come up with science based solutions to issues like garbage in the ocean, and overfishing.

The Governor has signed into law a bill authored by a Ventura County legislator intended to bring more of the innovations by University of California researchers from UC labs to the marketplace.

AB 2664 will provide $22 million dollars to set up business incubators on all 10 UC campuses, including UC Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara County is trying to clear Isla Vista of old, abandoned bicycles before the new school year begins.

Workers are tagging bikes that appeared to be abandoned, whether due to missing components such as tires or just a locked up rusty frame.

A group of college students from Ventura and Santa Barbara counties is on the East Coast for a two-week trip that could mold their future careers. 

Kendra Saunders, who will be transferring to California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks from Ventura College this fall, is among 20 STEM students – mostly first generation and low income students– in this UCSB-Smithsonian Scholars Program.

Oxfam International

Researchers on the South Coast are helping African scientists stave off starvation.

Geographers with the UC Santa Barbara and the U.S. Geological Survey’s Climate Hazards Group will be using remote sensing and climate data to predict poor harvests so that they can mitigate them and prevent severe hunger.

(Photo courtesy UCSB Allosphere Research Facility)

Imagine what it would be like to be able to shrink so small you could travel through the human blood stream, or even so small you could explore a hydrogen atom.

Inside of a engineering building at UC Santa Barbara, there’s a giant experimental sphere, the AlloSphere, which allows researchers to visualize the very tiny on a huge scale.

(UCSB-English Broadside Ballad Archive)

Imagine if you got your news not through newscasts but instead had it delivered through song.

That’s the way it worked in England in the 16th and 17th centuries.

News, stories, and gossip were turned into ballads to be sung alongside popular music. 

A UC Santa Barbara-based project is gathering the broadside ballads from around the world, and putting them online.

A late UC Santa Barbara astrophysicist who was a pioneer in planetary dynamics, and correctly predicted volcanic eruptions on one of Jupiter’s moon has received one of the field’s highest honors.

Dr. Stanton Peale is being honored with the American Astronomical Society’s 2016 Gerard P. Kulper Prize for his outstanding contributions to the field. Peale was well known for his research and contributions to areas like the study of planetary interiors, and the search for extrasolar planetary systems. He has an asteroid named after him because of his achievements.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department

A UC Santa Barbara student has been arrested for a brutal attack on a local pastor.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s officials say on Saturday at about 2 a.m., 22-year-old Paul Gusman began throwing his body against the front door of Father Jon Stephen Hedges’ home located on the 68-hundred block of Fortuna Road in Isla Vista.

UC Santa Barbara students and community members held a rally on Sunday afternoon in front of University United Methodist Church to declare Isla Vista a safe zone. 

“There’s no room for any discrimination against anybody,” said Reverend Frank Schaefer.

An internationally known physicist who was UC Santa Barbara’s first Nobel Laureate has died.

Walter Kohn died Wednesday night. He had been in failing health for some time. He received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1998, becoming the first of six UCSB Nobel laureates.  Kohn was honored for his development of a theory which helped us understand the electronic makeup of materials.

A two-day event aimed at tackling climate change, “The Environment: Issues and Strategies in the U.S. and China” is being held at UC Santa Barbara and has drawn experts from both China and the United States.