UC Santa Barbara researchers think they’ve made a huge breakthrough which could revolutionize the speed with which supercomputers process information.

Researchers say working with a one-of-a-kind Google computer, they were able to process information in a little over three minutes which would take the most powerful conventional computers 10,000 years to handle.

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Researchers on the South Coast are developing a unique robot that can do what other robots can’t. This vine-like robot can expand and move around obstacles to navigate its environment. It could even be life-saving in medical and disaster relief situations.

UC Santa Barbara has an impressive academic reputation, but a new survey by a college ranking organization places it number one in a less than stellar category. The latest edition of the Princeton Review says UCSB is number one in the nation for hard liquor consumption. The new version of the annual survey also puts UCSB sixth in the country for party schools.

Photo by Nadav Lensky/Geological Survey of Israel

UC Santa Barbara researchers helped solve a mystery as to why large salt deposits are piling up at the bottom of the Dead Sea in the Middle East.

The Dead Sea between Israel and Jordan is 10 times as salty as the ocean. In the summer, the lake has a top layer of hot, salty water and a bottom layer of cooler, less salty water. Since the top layer is less dense, the laws of physics don’t explain how all that salt could pile up at the bottom of the lake.

In a classroom on the California Lutheran University campus in Thousand Oaks, some two dozen elementary school students are at summer camp. But, there’s no swimming, archery or arts and crafts here. These students are here for what’s called the Young Writer’s Camp.

Some people collect stamps.  Other collect coins.  But, for more than four decades, a UC Santa Barbara professor has collected the type of boxes you might have in your kitchen cabinet, or even on your kitchen table right now.

William Davies King says it something which started nearly four decades ago.  He was a college student, and wanted to collect something, but couldn’t afford something like baseball cards.  He stumbled across cereal boxes.

(Photo by Dr. Thomas Turner, UCSB)

It’s a science story which sounds more like a sci-fi story. A fish washed up on a South Coast beach. No big deal, right? Except this fish is seven feet wide, seven feet long, weighs hundreds of pounds, and is normally only found in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s what’s known as a Hoodwinker Sunfish.

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day when we celebrate the special people we love, and a scientist at UC Santa Barbara has been studying the science of love.

More specifically, Dr. Bianca Acevedo has been looking at how our feelings about loved ones prompt us to put their well being before our own.

The fields of science, technology, engineering and math are becoming more attractive to college students across the South Coast. In fact, the number of science majors is rapidly increasing.

UC Santa Barbara is getting an 1800 acre ranch on the Gaviota coastline from a philanthropist. Charles Munger gave Las Varas Ranch to UCSB. The ranch is about six miles west of the university campus, and stretches from the ocean inland to the Los Padres National Forest.

The classic movie “Frankenstein” is celebrating a huge anniversary.

While generations think of the story of a movie character, this year actually marks the 200th anniversary of the book which created it all, by Mary Shelley.

A conference at UC Santa Barbara this week is going to examine the work not just from a literary, but from a science ethics viewpoint.

Whether you use iPhone’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or a Roomba vacuum, robots are becoming an everyday part of our lives. As technology advances, the reliance on robots will be even more commonplace. That’s why a South Coast graduate student is trying to improve robot-human communication.

Having a little pride in something you do is considered to be a good thing by society. But, too much pride, and some consider it to be obnoxious, or even a personality flaw. Researchers at UC Santa Barbara, and the University of Montreal have been spearheading a global study looking at the hypothesis that pride plays an important evolutionary role in human survival.

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Thousands of University of California workers are on strike around the state, including hundreds who rallied at UC Santa Barbara Monday. The union employees hold a wide range of service and patient care jobs. The planned three day strike comes after negotiations for the union representing 25,000 workers statewide and the UC system stalled last week.

A major financial gift will help insure that the show will literally go on for decades at a South Coast university’s theater department.

John and Jody Arnhold have given UC Santa Barbara’s Department of Theater and Dance $1.25 million dollars to establish a production fund for the department’s programs. The Arnholds have made major contributions to UCSB in the past, funding residencies by some noted dance performers, and for some dance students to study in New York.

The department produces more than a half dozen plays and dance events annually.