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Concern about the potential for the high wind leading to power lines starting brush fires has led to some intentional outages in Ventura County. About 2600 customers in the county are currently impacted. They include parts of the Santa Paula, Fillmore, Ojai, Moorpark, and Somis areas.

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The increased brush fire threat for the next few days has led to more than 90,000 power customers on the South Coast being notified they could be hit by intentional electrical shutdowns. Some 94,000 Southern California Edison customers in Ventura County have been told they are in potential outage areas.

A small area of the South Coast could be impacted by public safety power shutoffs later this week because of high potential wildfire danger.

Southern California Edison issued a preliminary alert that it’s considering the moves for parts of San Marcos Pass, and some areas outside of Goleta. About 4600 customers would be affected if the power is shut down.

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Southern California Edison equips key pieces of electrical infrastructure with sensors and relays. When the sensor picks up a disturbance, it sends a signal to the relay to shut the power off.

According to a report that Southern California Edison filed with the California Public Utilities Commission, that’s what happened two minutes before the Woolsey fire was reported.

After several fires in California, including the Thomas Fire in the last year, the Edison company is reaching out to the public to talk about its policies when it comes to wildfires and our power supply.

The company has developed protocols relating to power shutoff in extreme fire conditions such as high winds, that may present a clear danger to the public.