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Detectives now say the man arrested for the murder of a Ventura County woman was her boyfriend, and believe the killing with the result of a domestic disturbance. Simi Valley Police were called to the 5400 block of Los Angeles Avenue Thursday morning. An injured woman was stopping people, and telling them her daughter was dead in an apartment.

Police say they're investigating the death of a homeless man who was struck and killed while he was lying on the ground in an alley in Ventura County.

It happened just after six Friday morning, in an alley off the 1400 block of East Los Angeles Avenue in Simi Valley.

A former police officer in Ventura County is going to jail, after pleading no contest to charges he falsified his time cards, costing the City of Simi Valley more than $100,000.

Robert Longdon was a Simi Valley Police officer for eight years. Prosecutors say the 45 year old man claimed to have worked shifts he didn’t work, and that he padded the numbers of hours he did work.

A man is behind bars in Ventura County after authorities say he attacked a police officer.

A Simi Valley Police officer on patrol at about 5:30 Friday night saw Christopher McCabe in a gully near Alamo Street and Texas Avenue.

He was pulled over for having an expired vehicle registration. But, Simi Valley Police say the man couldn’t wait to tell the officer he had drugs, and a gun in the car.

It happened just after 12 this morning, on Madera Road and National Way in Simi Valley. The officer says after he stopped Ryan Dale Newbert for an expired registration, the 34 year old man asked him if he wanted to know a secret.

Police say Newbert then told the officer he had drugs and a gun.

A Ventura County man is facing multiple criminal charges after police say he attacked a nurse and a police officer at a hospital.

Some Simi Valley police officers were at Simi Valley Hospital early Wednesday morning when they say a patient unrelated to their investigation assaulted a nurse.

They say Ivan Sanchez of Simi Valley then attacked an officer who tried to intervene.

A man taken to a hospital because of mental health concerns was shot by police in Ventura County, after officers say he threatened them with a board.

The 46 year old man had been taken to Simi Valley Hospital Wednesday. He apparently fled at around 3:30 p.m., and broke into a nearby clinic, where officers say he frightened staff and patients by breaking a window.

A Ventura County city has promoted a veteran member of its police department to become its new police chief.

David Livingstone is Simi Valley’s new top cop. Livingstone has spent his entire 26 year law enforcement career with the Simi Valley department, rising through its ranks. He was the department’s Deputy Chief, and has served as interim chief since Mitch McCann retired from the agency’s top post last December.

Livingstone will oversee a department with 178 uniformed and civilian personnel, and a nearly $33 million dollar annual budget.

A police officer is recovering from injuries suffered after a car smashed into a parked patrol unit in Simi Valley.

The accident happened just after 2 p.m. Sunday, at the intersection of Cochran Street and Bigelow Avenue in Simi Valley. The officer was stopped on Bigelow when a car headed eastbound on Cochran veered to the right, and hit the patrol unit.

Ventura County firefighters had to use special equipment to free both the officer and the other driver, a 72 year old man, from their vehicles.

A report of someone with a rifle on a Ventura County high school campus created a scare, and a school lockdown, but it turned out what looked like a weapon wasn’t a real one.

Students and staff members at Royal High School in Simi Valley were told to stay in classrooms just after eight Wednesday morning. Law enforcement officers conducted a large scale sweep of the campus.

It was determined to be a ceremonial rifle used by a drill team member, and not an actual weapon.

Authorities are now identifying a man police say was a drug dealer who led officers on a wild car chase in Ventura County, in which he smashed into a police vehicle.

Simi Valley Police detectives tried to arrest Jose Flores yesterday afternoon in a supermarket parking lot on the 3600 block of Cochran Street. The Pacoima man refused to surrender, and rammed into a police unit which was trying to block his car. It led to a chase through some nearby neighborhoods.

A man shot and killed in a confrontation with CHP officers in Santa Monica is now being identified as the person sought for the attempted murder of a Simi Valley man.

Gerardo Vasquez had been wanted for the Friday night stabbing of his roommate on the 200 block of Ulysses Street in Simi Valley. The 32 year old victim was serious injured.

Picture this: You’re on the phone with a relative, and they are talking gibberish. You suspect they are having a stroke. You’d call paramedics in their city for help, right? But, what if that relative was in a city halfway around the world?

That’s the situation Pam Shanahan of Simi Valley found herself facing on Christmas Day. Her mother, and her 93 year in father live in Oslo, Norway.

(Simi Valley Police Department photo)

Some members of a police department in Ventura County went way beyond the call of duty this holiday season to help a family whose Christmas decorations were vandalized.

Simi Valley Police were called to a home after someone spray-painted, and destroyed their inflatable yard decorations. After hearing about what happened, and how it upset a two year old girl in the family, Simi Valley Police Property Officer Kristen Mesa started a fundraising campaign to help.

One man is in custody, and a second is being sought after a stabbing outside of a mosque in Ventura County which authorities are calling a possible hate crime.

It happened just after 11 Saturday night, on the 1800 block of Erringer Road in Simi Valley. Officers say John Matteson and another man confronted people leaving a mosque, Investigators say Matteson stabbed a man in his 30’s in the abdomen, seriously injuring the victim. Fortunately, the wound was non-life threatening.