santa paula

A Ventura County community is looking at shutting down it more than century old fire department, and contracting with the county fire department to provide protection.

The Santa Paula City Council Tuesday night will look a proposal from the Fire Chief to consider using the Ventura County Fire Department in the city. In a staff report, officials say they anticipate the city won’t receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funding they’ve received in the past which were critical in keeping the 15 person department fully staffed.

Detectives are trying to figure out what led to a brutal attack on an elderly Ventura County man with a hammer which left his seriously injured.

Santa Paula Police say the attack occurred just before 11 a.m. Saturday on the 100 block of Wakeford Street. A 70 year old man was unloading the trunk of his car when he was attacked from behind. Officers arrested a man identified as a transient a few blocks from the scene.

Luis Montalvo was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Investigators say they also recovered a hammer they believe was used in the attack.

A former Ventura County man living in Mexico and wanted for the double murder of his estranged wife and her boyfriend more than 25 years ago is finally back in the U.S.

The FBI says 46-year-old Everardo Meza Alamillo, who was once a resident of Santa Paula, was extradited yesterday. He was arrested in Mexico in November of last year following a joint investigation by detectives with the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office, FBI agents and Mexican law enforcement officials.

A former librarian in Ventura County entered a guilty plea to charges that she stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in library funds.

Tammy Jean Ferguson was the financial officer for Blanchard Community Library, which serves Santa Paula. Prosecutors say during an eight year long period, the 55 year old Thousand Oaks woman used a library credit card and a library ATM for personal use. They say she embezzled approximately $500,000.

Ferguson entered guilty pleas to charges of misappropriation of public funds and falsifying public accounts.

Ventura County prosecutors say two companies, and four individuals are the focus of a new indictment stemming from a 2014 toxic chemical explosion, and fire at a wastewater disposal facility outside of Santa Paula.

The indictment names the Santa Clara Waste Water Company, Green Compass Environmental Solutions, as well as four others. The Grand Jury indictment includes more than a half dozen charges ranging from handling hazardous waste causing unreasonable risk to submission of false statements. The indictment process by passes a preliminary hearing, and sets the stage for a trial.