santa monica mountains

It’s a crisp, cold morning in the Santa Monica Mountains. The only noise you hear at what was Western Ranch at Paramount Ranch are some birds chirping. A man is standing in front of an iconic, 70 foot high, 90 foot wide Valley Oak tree. He admits he’s sad, because this tree is one of the latest victims of the 2018 Woolsey wildfire.

Rangers are launching a new campaign to clear up a traffic jam of sorts in some of the South Coast’s mountains. Officials with the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area say there are sometimes conflicts on trails between hikers, mountain bikers, and people on horseback.

So, National Park Service rangers will use horses and mountain bikes to patrol some of the 500 miles of multi-use trails in the National Recreation Area. The year long educational campaign will focus on trail rules, and etiquette.

A hiker died on a trail in the Santa Monica Mountains, with the hot weather believed to have been a factor.

A 72 year old woman was hiking with a group of people Tuesday near Sandstone Peak when she became separated from them.  They called Ventura County Sheriff's deputies for help.

A popular South Coast trail has completely reopened eight months after it was hit hard by the massive Woolsey brush fire. The nearly 100,000 acre blaze last November killed three people and destroyed more than 1600 structures. It also damaged parts of the 67 mile long Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation area.

(National Park Service photo)

Some researchers on the South Coast are very, very excited. For the first time in three decades, Golden Eagles have been spotted nesting in the Santa Monica Mountains.

(National Park Service photo)

A non-profit group which provides support for the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area has made a major donation to the National Park Service to support research. The Santa Monica Mountains Fund gave $75,000 to the Park Service for efforts to study the mountain lion, bobcat, and coyote populations.

About 100 military veterans spent the past three days in the Santa Monica Mountains training to fight wildfires.

A group of mostly veterans is undergoing a communication training exercise. They’re holding a string while blindfolded, and they have to work together to create different shapes.

It’s a group dedicated to supporting a huge slice of nature in our region.

The odds are good you’ve never heard of it, but the Santa Monica Mountains Fund  is a key supporter of the 150,000 acre plus Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

(NPS Photo)

There’s been a rare bear sighting in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

National Park Service officials say there hasn’t been a resident black bear population there since the 1800’s, with the bears now mostly found in the San Gabriel, and Santa Susana Mountains.

It’s extremely unusual for the bears to be traveling south of the 101 Freeway.

A Conejo Valley woman embarks on a six-day horseback ride on Monday through the Santa Monica Mountains of Ventura and Los Angeles counties.

Ruth Gerson, who’s 81-years young and full of adventure, says she’s excited to ride the 67-mile Backbone Trail -- from Point Mugu State Park in Ventura County to Will Rogers State Historic Park in Los Angeles -- with four of her female friends.  

“This is not just for young people," she said. "This is for anyone who wants to do it.”