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(U.S. Coast Guard photo)

Coast Guard rescue teams had to use a helicopter to rescue a man from a sailboat which ran aground in the Channel Islands during rough seas.

The man was on board a boat anchored off of Santa Cruz Island early Monday morning.  He sent out a distress call after the craft apparently started dragging its anchor towards shore in rough seas.  

The search continues for possible survivors of an excursion boat fire in the Channel Islands, but eight deaths have now been confirmed, with 26 people still missing.

The Conception was on a Labor Day weekend dive boat trip out of Santa Barbara with 39 people on board when it was hit by a fire at around 3:30 Monday morning.

(Ventura County Fire Department photo)

Efforts are continuing to try to account for more than 30 people on board an excursion boat which caught on fire, and sank in the Channel Islands.  As of 8 a.m., the Coast Guard reports 33 people are considered missing.

One of the common symbols of Halloween is a bat.

But, researchers who study the tiny and often feared mammals say they get a bad rap. Jason Miller is a Cal State Channel Islands professor who’s heading up a research which mixes biology, and math to try to assess the bat population on one of the Channel Islands.

Brush Fire In Channel Islands Now Fully Contained

Apr 10, 2018
(National Park Service photo)

A brush fire which started two weeks ago on one of the Channel Islands is now 100% contained.

The blaze started March 27th on Santa Cruz Island., which is part of Channel Islands National Park. Park Service officials say embers from a small pile of debris being burned moved into nearby brush.  The fire grew to just under 260 acres before it was full contained. 

(National Park Service photo)

Firefighters are continuing to mop up a brush fire that’s now been burning for more than a week in the Channel Islands.

Containment is now up to 80% on the fire which started March 27th on Santa Cruz Island.

(National Park Service photo)

Firefighters continue to keep a 250 acre brush fire on one of the Channel Islands from spreading, with containment at 60% as of Friday night.

The Santa Cruz Island Fire started Tuesday afternoon. With favorable weather conditions, firefighting aircraft are no longer being used, and the number of firefighters battling the blaze has been reduced from around 100 to 70.

(National Park Service Photo)

Firefighters have 60% containment Friday morning of a brush fire burning on one of the Channel Islands.

They’ve been able to keep the fire on Santa Cruz Island at around the 250 acre mark.

Firefighters are holding their own against a brush fire burning in the Channel Islands.

They’ve been able to keep the fire on Santa Cruz Island at around the 250 acre mark.

A brush fire continues to burn out of control in the Channel Islands.

The fire has burned 250 acres of land on Santa Cruz Island. It’s being called the Santa Cruz Fire, and it’s prompted the evacuation of about 50 researchers, and staff members from the island.

A brush fire off the South Coast, on one of the Channel Islands has burned more than 100 acres of land, and is out of control.

The fire started on Santa Cruz Island at about 2:30 Tuesday afternoon, near the main ranch of the Nature Conservancy property. The fire grew from around 20 to 100 acres in three hours.

(U.S. Forest Service photo)

He’s a firefighter, like hundreds of firefighters from the Central and South Coasts.

But Brian Pontes doesn’t use a fire truck to get to blazes. The Santa Barbara County man is part of a rare breed of firefighters who literally drops in on brush, and forest fires in some of the most remote parts of Western America.

(U.S. Forest Service photo)

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An unusual brush fire on the South Coast is being mopped up by an even more unusual team of firefighters.

Smoke jumpers dropped in to battle, and stop a lightning-sparked brush fire burning on Santa Cruz Island.

A boater spotted the fire at about 9 a.m. Monday in the Scorpion Canyon area.

Tobias is on the job on Santa Cruz Island.

He was once a shelter dog in Montana. But, he’s now an environmental superstar. Tobias is a one of a kind “ant-dog”. He’s the only dog in the world trained to track down a specific invasive species of ant in the wild.

An 8-year-old girl is recovering after sustaining an injury on Santa Cruz Island.

A Coast Guard helicopter launched from Point Mugu to rescue the girl on Sunday afternoon. 

The girl suffered a back injury, and was on board a 26-foot boat at Smuggler's Cove at the time of the accident.