port of hueneme

A South Coast port is getting a big federal grant to beef up its security.

The Port of Hueneme is receiving $1.68 million dollars from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  The money is intended to help improve the facility's security.

The coronavirus crisis has disrupted the global economy, and that’s filtered down to impact the Central and South Coasts in a number of ways. 

Now, the region’s biggest port has been hard hit. 

Kristin Decas is CEO and Port Director for the Port of Hueneme.  She says the port’s fresh produce and fertilizer shipments remain strong, but she says it’s vehicle import/export businesses has been disrupted.

Officials with a South Coast port say despite the coronavirus crisis, they are still in operation. The Port of Hueneme is a key entry point to the U.S. for some types of food like bananas. It’s considered an essential activity, and its employees are not impacted by the state’s stay at home order.

A dusty weed and garbage filled lot is stirring up some emotions, and protests  in Ventura County. The Port of Hueneme has proposed creating a temporary vehicle storage lot on a 34 acre piece of land on the south side of Hueneme Road, between Perkins and Saviers Roads. It would be used as a staging area for new vehicles being offloaded from cargo ships at the Port, before they are sent out to dealerships.

A South Coast port is literally going bananas Saturday.

The Port of Hueneme is hosting its 8th annual Banana Festival, which will celebrate the yellow fruit (the banana is technically a berry) with pie-eating contests, tours of the port, and of course, banana flavored food. 

A South Coast port is reporting that business is booming, so much so that it added more than 2200 jobs last year. Port of Hueneme officials say the facility is now responsible for more than 15,800 jobs.

Work is now officially underway on a project to deep a South Coast port. The Port of Hueneme is being deepened from 35 to 40 feet.

A South Coast port has just completed the biggest year of moving cargo through its facilities in its history.

The Port of Hueneme handled 1.6 million tons of cargo during the just completed fiscal year. That’s up more than 8% from the year before.

(Port of Hueneme photo)

A South Coast port is getting some major new shipments of vehicles which translates into about 60 new full and part time jobs.

The Port of Hueneme just received its first of what will be an ongoing series of shipments of new Subarus made in Japan.

A South Coast port is putting final touches on a project which will allow cargo ships to turn off their polluting diesel engines while docked, and use cleaner onshore electricity to power the vessels.

The Port of Hueneme’s Grid Connected Shore Power System will allow three vessels at a time to access shore power. The completion of Phase II of the project will allow refrigerated cargo vessels, known as “Reefer Vessels” to use electricity instead of the ship’s diesel engines.