Ventura Control officials say that just in time for the holiday weekend, a combination of higher than average ocean tides, warmer than usual water temperatures, and prevailing winds kicked up a big mosquito problem.

Sunny skies and warm weather are here, with the first day of summer just a few weeks away. It’s good news for campers and beachgoers. But, it’s also good news for some pesky Central and South Coast residents, in the form of mosquitoes. Mosquito season has arrived.

(Centers for Disease Control Photo)

Ventura County Health officials are busy with a rash of new Zika and West Nile virus cases reported in the county.

The County is now confirming that it’s up to four confirmed Zika cases in the county, as well as one probable case. Health officials say all of the cases are among people who were recently traveled internationally. Zika can be transmitted by mosquitos, and well as by sexual contact between people. However, the type of mosquitoes which carry Zika haven’t been found in Ventura County.

A second case of Zika virus has been discovered in Santa Barbara County.

The Santa Barbara County Health Department says a female who wasn’t pregnant contracted the virus, which can cause birth defects. County Health officials say both cases discovered so far are related to people who traveled to areas of the world where Zika is an issue.