mental health

The coronavirus crisis has been a stressful time for many people.

A non-profit group which helped people on the Central and South Coasts cope with brush fires, and the Borderline Bar and Grill attack is now providing some free mental health support in the region.

A South Coast school is part of a nationwide pilot program aimed at improving the mental health literacy of high school students. Bishop Garcia Diego High School in Santa Barbara is one of 40 high schools across the country taking part in the Teen Mental Health First Aid project, which is funded in part by Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Foundation.


At an event on the South Coast this weekend, more than 150 teens got together with nonprofits to talk about mental health issues.


The Ventura County Office of Education, which worked with State Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin to set up the Youth Mental Health conference, says that they’re noticing an increase in mental health concerns in the youth.

A company which provides inpatient mental health services for Santa Barbara County has declared bankruptcy, and the county is scrambling to fill the gap. Anka Behavioral Health operates facilities in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria, with another facility under construction. Anka notified the county that it needs to make other arrangements for the patients by May 31st, or it will be forced to release them.

Behind a large, vacant warehouse sized building off of Lewis Road near Camarillo, more than a dozen men and women are lining up rows of little succulent plants. They are in a new program called “Growing Works.” It’s a non-profit wholesale plant nursery helping people with mental health issues through vocational training, jobs, and horticultural therapy.

Veterans in California may find it easier to get mental health assistance, after the Governor signed into law a bill from a Ventura County legislator.

AB 2325 prevents California’s counties from denying mental or behavioral health serves to veterans.

She’s a comedian who’s appeared on everything from “The Tonight Show” to “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” but for years she struggled with a darker side of her life.

Cathy Ladman’s mental health issues led to anorexia. The comedian headlining a benefit in Ventura County this weekend to combat mental illness...

A new Santa Barbara County Grand Jury report is trying to encourage efforts to deal with mental health issues in the county’s jail population.

For years, the jail system has by default been the largest mental health facility in the county. County Sheriff’s Office officials say nearly half of the system’s inmates have mental health issues. The new report blasted the company that had provided mental health services for inmates for the last few years. It was also critical of the Sheriff’s Office for what it calls a lack of oversight.

When you think about first aid training, you probably think about CPR and using those skills to help someone suffering from a cardiac emergency. But that’s not the only first aid training that helps save lives. You can become certified in mental health first aid on the South Coast.

Leticia Yanez shook with anxiety as she pretended to have a panic attack. Her instructor and classmates tried to calm her down. Yanez said she actually felt anxiety even though she was just role-playing.

A unique program on the South Coast is helping people with developmental disabilities get skills that may lead to a job and more self-sufficiency.

Non-profit organization Pathpoint's "Project Search," a year-long internship program at a local hospital, helps members learn everything from food services to ER setup.

Most mental illnesses start at an early age, with three quarters of all lifetime cases beginning by the age of 24. Yet young adults are among the most reluctant people to seek help.

Santa Barbara County and Santa Barbara City College are teaming up in an effort to tackle mental health issues among students.