Habitat for Humanity

The parking lot of a company in Westlake Village has been transformed into a construction zone by its 300 employees, who are building some pint size homes.

Workers at Realtor.com teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to build some playhouses for some military families based in Ventura County.

Low-income families on the South Coast now have a place to call home.  

“There’s no words to express how happy we are,” said Evangelina Medina.

She, along with her husband and three children, moved into their new house in Santa Paula last week. After moving out of a home that was falling apart, she says she’s relieved that her children now have a safe place to live.

Volunteers spent part of the weekend building homes for low-income families in Santa Paula.

They sawed wood to lay down the foundation of a four-bedroom house; that home will soon belong to a struggling family.