A South Coast city is trying to use technology to keep coronavirus from bogging down construction in the community. The City of Goleta is moving to electronic permit applications and plan submittals. And, it’s also going to try to have building inspectors do remote inspections of completed work.

There’s shock and sadness at a South Coast college campus over word that a campus administrator, and his wife were the victims of a weekend hit and run collision which left both of the dead. Adolfo Corral and his wife Mary Jane were walking near Cathedral Oaks and Winchester Canyon Roads Sunday night when they were hit. He died at the scene, and she died a short time later at a hospital.

Goleta Senior Project Engineer James Winslow working on sidewalk project / (City of Goleta photo)

Construction is set to start on a three million dollar plus project to bring sidewalks and other needed infrastructure to a South Coast community.

Goleta's Old Town area has a patchy network of crosswalks, forcing people to walk in the streets in some areas.

(Photo by Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

A fast moving brush fire has burned more than 3,000 acres of land in Santa Barbara County, and forced thousands of evacuations.

The Cave Fire started just after 4 Monday afternoon in the West Camino Cielo area.  Strong wind help the blaze grow rapidly in the rugged mountains of San Marcos Pass, north of Santa Barbara and Goleta.

Updated 9:50 : The Cave Fire has now burned more than 3000 acres of land.

A brush fire on the South Coast has officially burned 30 plus acres of land in the Santa Ynez Mountains, but we know it’s burned much more than that, and forced a number of evacuations. The Cave Fire started just after 4 p.m., in the East Camino Cielo area. It's in the rugged mountains off of Highway 154. 

A South Coast city is hoping to save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years by buying the office building it’s been renting for it City Hall complex. Goleta closed escrow on the 40,000 square foot building on the 100 block of Cremona Drive.

Have you ever wondered what happens after you flush your toilet? This weekend, you have the chance to find out on the South Coast.

The Goleta Sanitary District is having an open house today, the "Jurassic Plant Tour," with tours and activities. 

A city on the south coast has just graduated more than a dozen community members from a program aimed at teaching residents about local government.

A 17-year-old was shot and wounded yesterday in the normally quiet Goleta area of Santa Barbara County.

Few details have been released about the location of the incident, but residents in nearby neighborhoods were contacted by the Sheriff's Department for information.

Downtown Goleta could be seeing changes on Hollister Avenue unlike anything the city has done in decades.

Several plans are being considered to reduce the traffic lanes, add bike lanes, increase landscaped areas and add benches.

Authorities are identifying a foreign exchange student who was riding in an Uber when she was killed in a crash on the South Coast.

Santa Barbara Sheriff’s officials say 19-year-old Justine Van Ginderachter of Belgium was a passenger in an Uber that collided with another vehicle early Friday morning at Hollister Avenue and Storke Road in Goleta.

The Goleta City Council received a check in-person from former councilwoman Jean Blois at a meeting Tuesday.

The check was for money due years ago, linked to overpaid health insurance coverage.

A globally known shoemaker based on the South Coast may put itself up for sale.

Deckers Brands says it is looking at strategic alternatives for its future, which include a sale or other type of transaction to improve stockholder value. The company has been in the middle of a $150 million dollar campaign to improve profitability by cutting costs and realigning brands.

The company has retained financial and legal advisors to assist with proposals. In a press release, the company says it’s not definite the company will be involved in a deal, and notes there is no timeline.

Two South Coast women are being credited with helping to save the lives of three men in a traffic accident.

Emily Elmerick and Sydney Antles of Goleta were headed to Fresno on Highway 41 Monday when they saw a pickup truck veer off the highway , and plunge upside down into a canal. The CHP says the two 19 year old woman stopped, with Antles plunging into the water to help the men, while Elmerick called 911.

Other drivers stopped and helped flip over the truck. All three men escaped with minor injuries.

Santa Barbara County officials say they think they’ve solved the mystery behind a big stink on the South Coast. Something has been smelling nasty in parts of Goleta.

People first noticed it Sunday afternoon in the Ellwood area. It was a powerful stench which smelled like rotten eggs. Some thought the problem might be stemming from oil facilities in the area. But, Santa Barbara County Public Health Department environmental specialists say tests ruled out the facilities as the cause.