fire season

Photo by The C.R.E.W. - Concerned Resource & Environmental Workers

Even as the coronavirus crisis ravages the economy, wildfire season is arriving again.

For Central Coast nonprofit The CREW, wildfire preparation is helping to keep their workers employed. 

Wildland fires have been able to flare up any month of the year depending on conditions, but this week marks the shift into "high" fire season in Santa Barbara County.

That shift marks a universal timeline for fire agencies to increase resources available for dispatch at the first sign of smoke and flames.

A helicopter used to fight brush fires swoops down onto a hillside in Simi Valley, dousing it with water. Two dozen firefighters are using hand tools to create a fire break on the hillside behind the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, in Simi Valley.

But, there’s no fire. Firefighters are trying to raise awareness about the potential for big brush fires.

The lack of rain in combination with stress on trees in the Montecito Fire District is creating more issues than just a fire danger.