The newest stories on the coronavirus on the South and Central Coasts.

Some additional coronavirus related deaths have been reported on the Central and South Coasts.  165 total deaths have now been reported in the region.

Three more were reported Thursday, with two in Ventura County and one in Santa Barbara County.

The death toll continues to mount from coronavirus on the Central and South Coast.  Five additional deaths were reported Wednesday, with three in Santa Barbara County and two in Ventura County. 

162 total deaths have now been reported in the region. 

Raquel Prichard and her 17 month old daughter are looking at a huge gorilla at the Santa Barbara Zoo.  The Santa Barbara woman says after a more than three month shutdown due to the coronavirus crisis, it’s great the zoo is once again open.

The largest annual community event on the Central and South Coasts kicked off Wednesday, but due to coronavirus one of the few physical events which had been planned is now being cancelled.  Santa Barbara City Council members and Fiesta’s leaders officially cut the ribbon kicking off the 96th annual Old Spanish Days celebration. 

A non-profit group focused on helping the region’s economy has nearly doubled the amount of money it has to help local businesses hard hit by the coronavirus crisis.

The Economic Development Collaborative has received nearly $2.5 million in new federal funding for a Ventura County business loan fund. 

Wednesday is the start of the largest annual community event on the Central and South Coasts, Santa Barbara’s Old Spanish Days. 

Fiesta is known for its elaborate shows, parades, and parties, but most of that won’t be taking place this year because of coronavirus.

A glimmer of optimism about some of the coronavirus statistics on the Central and South Coasts may be gone this morning.

Santa Barbara County Public Health officials say issues with the state’s coronavirus data counting system means numbers for the last week may be off, and on the low side.

There’s been four additional coronavirus related deaths on the Central and South Costs, bringing the region’s total to 157.

Ventura County had one additional death, for 77 overall.  Santa Barbara County is reporting three more, for a total of 64, and San Luis Obispo County 16.  About three quarters of those who’ve died were older adults with preexisting health conditions.

The coronavirus crisis has played havoc with airline service on the Central and South Coasts, but there is a new sign of optimism.

Many airlines have suspended or reduced flights to and from the region because of the massive drop in passengers.  But, Santa Barbara Airport and Alaska Airlines announced plans for some new flight service.

The surge in new coronavirus cases continued over the weekend on the Central and South Coasts.

949 new cases were reported in the region from Friday through Monday, with Ventura County recording 533 additional cases, Santa Barbara County 297 and San Luis Obispo County 119.

The deadline is approaching for some small businesses on the South Coast hard hit by coronavirus to seek help though a community relief fund.

The Santa Barbara Better Together Fund is providing grants for struggling businesses in Goleta.

A South Coast university has announced its fall semester will begin completely online as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Cal Lutheran had hoped to have some in-person classes.  But, university officials say the state hasn’t even issued health safety guidelines yet for reopening. 

(UC Santa Barbara Climate Hazards Center)

A UC Santa Barbara project is helping to identify potential climate issues around the world which may impact the global food supply.  UC Santa Barbara's Climate Hazards Center has researchers in Santa Barbara County and around the world gathering data which helps the Famine Early Warning Systems Network.  One of the big concerns right now is the impacts of the coronavirus crisis on the food supply. 

A technical glitch led to a major error in the undercounting of coronavirus deaths in Santa Barbara County.  It’s nearly double what had been previously reported.  It happened in the transition from Santa Barbara County’s manual counting of coronavirus data to a state data system.

The coronavirus crisis has been disastrous for the restaurant industry, with many restaurants on the Central and South Coasts closed or floundering financially.

A Southern California based chain with five locations in our region is the latest to seek bankruptcy protection.  California Pizza Kitchen made the filing this week.