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The South Coast’s newest medical clinic might seem a little oddly placed at first.  It shares a parking lot with a Starbucks and is across the way from a Home Depot. But that's part of the point: making health care more accessible is the goal of an ambitious project by a provider to add 10 new urgent care centers to the region.

A hospital system serving the Central and South Coasts is offering free online visits for people who think they have coronavirus symptoms. Cottage Health is offering the initial online diagnosis through its CottageCareNow online service.

There was a steady flow of cars dropping off everything from masks to hospital gowns in an unusual community drive on the South Coast.  Cottage Health launched a drive Tuesday to collect donated medical supplies from the community.

Thousands of people on the Central and South Coasts will be getting phone calls during the next few weeks asking about health issues, to try to get a read on the public’s concerns about the topic. A coalition of more than a half dozen groups in Santa Barbara County is doing a survey of views on the subject.

Photo by PATH Santa Barbara

There’s a new program in Santa Barbara County that’s helping homeless people recover after leaving the hospital. 

Cottage Health has partnered with PATH Santa Barbara – an organization aimed at ending homelessness -- to launch the Cottage Recuperative Care Program.

A proposed merger of two of the largest health care providers in Santa Barbara County is being dropped.

In 2013, Cottage Health and Sansum Clinic filed an application with the Federal Trade Commission to combine resources. Both organizations now say they are withdrawing the proposal, and will focus on the longer term, independent planning for their separate futures. They aren’t saying specifically why they decided to drop the plan.