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A South Coast city will allow people to sit and sunbathe on its beaches for the first time since the coronavirus crisis hit. 

The death toll has risen to 45 on the Central and South Coasts from coronavirus. More than two thirds of the deaths occurred in Ventura County. 

The county has now had 32 coronavirus related deaths.

The governor has set the stage for the reopening of churches, as well as barber shops and hair salons on the Central and South Coasts

The ball is now in the court of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties to decide if they are ready for the additional steps.

Masks have become a part of our lives, including artists on the Central Coast.  In fact, in Santa Barbara County, face coverings have become mandatory apparel in many cases as of Tuesday.

While we’re wearing them to try to protect ourselves and others, many people are trying to add a little style to them, with unique materials and colors.  A Central Coast museum is celebrating the art of masks with a new online exhibition.

Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District / Facebook

The coronavirus crisis led to bus systems on the Central and South Coasts reducing the number of passengers to try to insure social distancing. 

But, one bus system on the South Coast is actually allowing more people on its buses.

Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network / Facebook

As people staying home take on projects clearing brush and debris, a South Coast nonprofit has seen an increase in birds and small animal displaced from their nests.

The Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, which focuses on rescuing and rehabilitating birds, reptiles, and terrestrial mammals, has seen a big uptick of cases.

Nick Ramirez is a chef at Loquita, an acclaimed Spanish style tapas restaurant in Santa Barbara.  The restaurant made USA Today’s top new restaurant list when it opened three years ago.  Like many restaurants on the Central and South Coasts, coronavirus led to its shutdown.

A foodbank serving the Central and South Coasts is using technology to make it easier for people in need to find out where they can get free food close to them.

Foodbank of Santa Barbara County has launched a text program to link people to its SAFE food program locations.  There are 54 location in Santa Barbara County.

A more-than-half-century-old foundation has awarded more than $6 million dollars in scholarships to students in Santa Barbara County. 

The Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara gave out nearly 1800 scholarships this year.

The Los Padres National Forest has announced that some of its most popular campgrounds are going to remain closed through Memorial Day weekend.

The campgrounds are set to stay closed at least through June 1st to comply with state and local health guidelines. 

Santa Barbara Bowl / Facebook

A new grant program in Santa Barbara County is trying to help arts and cultural groups impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

The Santa Barbara County Arts Commission, the Santa Barbara Bowl, and the Santa Barbara Foundation set up a $75,000 relief fund.

An improvised hospital is set to open at a federal prison complex on the Central Coast, which has been hard hit by coronavirus.

The Lompoc federal prison complex has had the largest concentration of coronavirus cases on the Central Coast, with more than 100 inmates and dozens of employees infected.

Without a vaccine to stop coronavirus, detecting and isolating those with it remains key to keeping the spread in check.  Ventura County is expanding its efforts to track down people who come in contact with those who have tested positive.

A South Coast university is going online with its commencement ceremonies as a result of the coronavirus crisis. California Lutheran University will hold two virtual ceremonies this month for its 2020 graduates. 

As the coronavirus crisis disrupts ordinary life, students at Santa Barbara City College are being offered help from the Santa Barbara City College Foundation.