It was one of the worst fires on record on the South Coast.

The Tea Fire burned an estimated 210 homes nine years ago this week.

(Photo by Paul Child)

Long before American had TV shows likes Top Chef, Iron Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, and entire gastronomical networks like “The Food Channel,” Julia Child pioneered the idea of cooking shows with “The French Chef.”

Child died in 2004, but the iconic chef, author, and TV show host who lived in Montecito for the final years of her life was a familiar face in the community. While she is gone, her legacy lives on, and part of it is being featured in a new book.

The northbound lanes of Highway 101 in the Santa barbara area have reopened after two vehicles crashed in what's being called called a drag racing incident Wednesday night.

The 101  closure was south of Las Positas Road.

Anticipating a large budget deficit of about $20 million, Santa Barbara County is looking toward a new revenue stream: cannabis.

Marijuana growers have about 250 registered sites now in the county.

While many people were enjoying Halloween or the Dodger game Tuesday night, Santa Barbara police raced to a Verizon store on upper State Street after a takeover holdup.

Employees were herded into the back room, and reports are that two bags of phones were taken along with cash.

Santa Barbara Police used two shots from a beanbag rifle on a man running from a stolen vehicle Monday.

The vehicle was spotted near Las Positas and the driver took off at a high speed southbound on the freeway.

The California Highway Patrol has used phone video to identify, track down and arrest a man involved in a freeway shooting in Santa Barbara. 

The shooting took place Monday afternoon.

The response time from a 911 call could be improved with new technology in Santa Barbara County, in a plan revealed to the Santa Barbara City Council Tuesday.

Authorities are investigating the death of a man whose body was found floating in the water at a South Coast harbor.

The body of a man was spotted just after 7:30 Monday morning at Santa Barbara Harbor.

Harbor Patrol officers recovered the body from the water near the Sea Landing walkway. There’s no word yet on the identity of the man. Foul play is not suspected.

Smoke, flames and explosions shook up old town Goleta Monday night just after 7.

A fire broke out in vegetation near a business in the 5800 block of Hollister Avenue near Orange.

A two month crackdown on human trafficking in Santa Barbara County has led to 12 arrests.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, the Santa Barbara County DA’s Office, Lompoc Police, and the FBI took part in a pair of sting operations in Lompoc.

Smoke and flames along a Summerland cliff near Highway 101 brought out the fire department Monday morning.

A burning homeless camp was the source of the flames, off the highway toward the ocean.

"Inferno Hits Santa Barbara County"

Oct 10, 2017

A massive wildfire hit Santa Barbara County in July of 2017, burning more than 18,000 acres, trapping hundreds of people, destroying 16 homes and threatening thousands of houses before it was fully contained.

KCLU was on the air an hour after the fire started, and provided extensive coverage even though the blaze was  75 miles from the station's main studios (but well within our coverage area).  During the first 16 hours. KCLU's Lance Orozco was on the air with regular updates.

This is the September 14th, 2017 8 p.m. newscast on KCLU.  The TRT is 2:10

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Rundown for newscast:

1) Missing hiker

2) 101 Freeway wildlife crossing

3) Edible marijuana legislation

4) Veterans benefits