We can all agree flying can be stressful. At the Santa Barbara airport, passengers can now get through the tense times with the help of a therapy dog known as Lokee.

Owners Larry and Carol Reiche signed their dog up and trained the grand champion Keeshond as a therapy dog.

Authorities on the Central Coast are investigating a dispute between a mother and her adult daughter that turned deadly.

Santa Maria Police say their argument led to a traffic collision that ended in the daughter’s death.

In solidarity with other college campuses UC Santa Barbara students rallied with a large march Thursday that called for a number of changes.

The list of demands included educational reforms and more respect for students of different religions and ethnicity.

Some local officials are in the state capitol to support what could be a key land purchase in the future.

The National Guard Armory in Santa Barbara on Canon Perdido Street has for years been on the wish list for the city of Santa Barbara as a piece of land it could use for a variety of reasons.

Buying it has not been easy.

Resolving budget issues in one South Coast law enforcement agency has become a tense battle for funding and staffing.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown says he is actively recruiting to fill more than 50 openings in his department but the process and selection protocol has been slow.

Residents in four condos on the South Coast are in temporary homes after a weekend fire.

An early morning fire Saturday in Santa Barbara destroyed one condo and damaged three others with the smoke and heat.

Farm workers chant "Si, Se puede," meaning "Yes, we can."  They hold up signs that say “We Feed You” and pictures of Cesar Chavez, along with dancers dressed in colorful Aztec costumes and a little mariachi. More than 100 people marched through the streets on Sunday, sending one clear message.

If you’re wanted by the law, it might not be a smart idea to post information on your activities on Facebook. A woman convicted of financial elder abuse who failed to show up for her sentencing in Santa Barbara has been arrested in Massachusetts with the help of her social media account.

Santa Barbara County prosecutors say Julie Kromer befriended a 77 year old man she met at a dog rescue event. They say she then stole his identity, and got a credit card in his name that she used on a regular basis in other states.

More than a hundred young people from across California and Nevada just wrapped up a week of training on the South Coast to become firefighters.

City of Ventura

Today is the 150th birthday of the city of Ventura. The city, then called San Buenaventura, was incorporated in 1866. That's more than 80 years after Father Junipero Serra founded California’s ninth mission there. The city’s century and a half anniversary calls for celebration today.

Santa Barbara County announced some popular South Coast beaches will be closed this weekend to try to prevent the reoccurance of a massive 2009 party that overwhelmed public health and safety resources, and left tons of garbage in its wake.

The Santa Barbara County Community Services Department is closing Isla Vista's beaches Saturday and Sunday.

Working over the Easter weekend, members of the Santa Barbara County District Attorney's office finalized papers for formal charges against South Coast resident Pierre Haobsh.

Haobsh allegedly killed Dr. Henry Han, his wife Jenny and daughter Emily.

A man in his 20's has died in the front country hills in Santa Barbara after a fall estimated to be 50-100 feet from the Gibraltar Rock area.

Volunteers spent part of the weekend building homes for low-income families in Santa Paula.

They sawed wood to lay down the foundation of a four-bedroom house; that home will soon belong to a struggling family.

The community of Goleta is still looking for an official site to call home for its staff and city Council meetings.