After several fires in California, including the Thomas Fire in the last year, the Edison company is reaching out to the public to talk about its policies when it comes to wildfires and our power supply.

The company has developed protocols relating to power shutoff in extreme fire conditions such as high winds, that may present a clear danger to the public.

The Santa Barbara City Council will begin to cover programs aimed at revitalizing a struggling part of the city's downtown area.

That area encompasses the 13 blocks of State Street from Cabrillo Boulevard to the middle of downtown.

CHP Moorpark

A section of highway 118 in Ventura County closed following a collision between a tanker truck and another vehicle on Friday morning.

The accident occurred at 7:51 on Highway 118 near Balcolm Canyon Road, east of Somis.

The tanker truck was carrying fuel.

Heavy equipment is on the move in Carpinteria again.

Santa Barbara County officials declared that the large Santa Monica debris basin needs cleanup that extends beyond what the federal government had paid for as a result of the January 9th debris flow.

Over the next month, trucks will be hauling large boulders and debris out of the area to be delivered at a specially designated site in Santa Paula.

A crane has also arrived in the Carpinteria salt marsh with a special attachment to clear out silt that has accumulated.

Santa Barbara city officials have received an update on emergency public information systems following a critical report at a Board of Supervisors meeting.

One county supervisor says the media was able to get information faster than the county, and wanted  alerts to come out quicker.

Citizens of Santa Barbara who spent long periods of time sitting on the sidewalk in the city's downtown area have been contending with what's called a sit-lie ordinanace.

That ordinance bans people from sitting on the sidewalk in the path of others or having items that infringe on the flow of pedestrian traffic, such as bedding or camping gear.

Santa Barbara Police spent about four hours calming down a tense situation that started with a parking lot fight witnesses said involved a man with a machete.

He was outside of an apartment complex at about 1 p.m.

Citing environmental impacts, the Santa Barbara City Council has supported new rules to reduce the number of plastic straws and non-compostable containers in the city.

The public was outspoken on the issue in front of the City Council.

Environmental groups and children spoke out about cleanup efforts, mainly at the beach, that result in capturing many straws and containers that are headed into the ocean.

The City of Santa Barbara has been known for years as having strict design and construction rules.

The owners of the Montecito Inn are coming up against those rules in an attempt to add an awning to their building on Coast Village Road.

A man is recovering after injuries sustained in a vegetation fire Sunday evening, while clearing brush with a chainsaw.

The accident happened just before 7 p.m; the cause is under investigation.

A large group of environmentalists rallied at the steps of the county administration building in Santa Barbara prior to a meeting by county planners.

They came out last night chanting against oil: "No Exxon, no drilling, no pipelines, no trucks!"

Exxon Mobil wants permission for 70 truckloads of oil a day to flow from it Las Flores Canyon Facility west of Goleta.

This comes as a result of the ongoing problems with the Plains All-American Pipeline, which has remained broken since a rupture in May 2015.

The City of Santa Barbara selected three businesses that will now be allowed to sell recreational marijuana within city limits.

Those businesses are Golden State Greens, Pharmacy SB, and Coast Dispensary.

Santa Barbara may soon have three recreational marijuana dispensaries after an intense city review process.

Applicants have gone through the process for months, putting together paperwork for an approved location, the staff members involved, and a business plan.

Flames were shooting out of the windows of a vacant home on Sunday evening before 7 p.m.

Santa Barbara Fire sent several engines, including a ladder truck, to the scene.

They had the fire controlled in about 15 minutes, even as the flames were visible throughout the downtown area.

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Governor Jerry Brown included $3.9 million of funding in his just-signed budget for the Ellwood Monarch Butterfly Grove in Goleta.

State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson was pushing for the funds, and the city of Santa Barbara says the grove, which is on a trail near a coastal bluff, is a significant resource for the community.