Even with most of the major activities cancelled for Santa Barbara's Old Spanish Days, police will still be increasing staffing.

Santa Barbara Police Public Information Officer Anthony Wagner says that the department will be trying to discourage people from gathering in large groups.

A hard liquor license set to go into effect at a CVS Store on Santa Barbara's Eastside has been slapped with last minute restrictions.

These include advanced rules and regulations on the type of alcohol that can be sold, at what times, and in what quantities.

With coronavirus cases still at high levels, deciding when it will be possible to fully reopen is a difficult question.

A team of South Coast scientists working on finding a new option for authorities relying on forecasting models to make sense of all the data.

A former Santa Barbara County deputy probation officer has been accused of misappropriating more than $600,000.

Manuel Torres, now 64 years old, had been in charge of the Santa Barbara County Probation Peace Officers Association for 20 years.

John Palminteri

A section of downtown Carpinteria will be closed from August 10 to September 8, as part of an economic stimulus for the area.

The city council voted in favor of that action Monday night.

John Palminteri

A nine-block closure of downtown Santa Barbara streets to promote business is now set for an expansion.

Tourism leaders are stuck in a balancing act these days.

Leisure travel saw a big uptick in June, and many people in Southern California are taking driving trips, when they might normally have been flying.

Finding alternate care sites for COVID-19 patients in case hospitals reach capacity is proving to be a challenge.

The first of six digital community meetings will be held this month to solicit public opinion on cannabis.

Santa Barbara County is allowing the public to chime in on the location of cannabis retailer storefronts in six areas of the unincorporated zone of Santa Barbara County.

The site of a Sears department store that has been closed since January 2019 may now be on the docket for use as an alternative care facility for COVID-19 patients.

The Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors is considering that contingency in case the local hospitals have an overwhelming surge of patients due to the recent upswing of coronavirus cases.

With coronavirus cases surging in the state, one South Coast National Park is offering a digital way to visit.

The Channel Islands National Park Service’s new app will help explorers - both digital and in person - tour the islands and see what services are available.

In recent days, there have been concerns about messaging and testing on the South Coast when it comes to COVID-19.

But Santa Barbara County's Public Health Director Van Do-Reynoso says one thing is certain: "You must assume that everybody you come into contact [with] is infectious, and thereby need to take the precaution."

After recent protests and rallies for police reform brought about by the death of George Floyd, the City of Santa Barbara is considering adding a civilian police review system.

A small coastal community has put together a limited economic stimulus for the Fourth of July weekend.

The community of Carpinteria will bring al fresco dining to the area of Linden Avenue, closing off two streets.

Not all Fourth of July activities on the South Coasts are being cancelled.

Kathi King with the Montecito Association says the Village 4th Parade in Montecito used to be small, with vehicles and walk-in entries.