John Palminteri

At a time when students are mostly doing their studies remotely, the Physical Education Department at Santa Barbara City College is looking to hold classes outdoors in their stadium.

John Palminteri

After months of improvements, the equestrian side of the Earl Warren Showgrounds has reopened.

"I think it's a historical landmark at this point for Santa Barbara," says Lance Bennett, Horse Show Manager at the Showgrounds.

National Park Service

A popular national park off the South Coast is beginning a major improvement project that may even involve the closure of an entire island.
Visitors to Anacapa Island have been climbing up a steel rung ladder to the aging dock for years, but that may soon change.

The Santa Barbara Bowl and Arlington Theater lit their buildings with red lights Wednesday night, as part of an effort to call attention to the plight of live entertainment venues during the coronavirus crisis.

The Central and South Coasts haven’t had the high coronavirus death toll we’ve seen in other parts of the country, but the numbers continue to mount.

The total for the region now stands at 218, and continues to grow by around a dozen people a week. Ventura and Santa Barbara County public health officials say for those who still question the danger of coronavirus, look at the death toll right in our backyard.

John Palminteri

A plan to issue fines for those who refuse to wear masks as required has been delayed by Santa Barbara County.

The Board of Supervisors heard a proposal at their meeting Tuesday that outlined different levels of penalties.

Santa Barbara Airport Fire Department

A new, highly advanced aircraft-firefighting unit has arrived on the South Coast.

The Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting truck is on duty at the Santa Barbara Airport, and weighs over 58,000 pounds when full, including 1500 gallons of water and 200 gallons of fire-retardant foam.

A South Coast resident has been arrested after she made a 911 call falsely claiming a man had been killed, police say.

The woman said that a man had been shot in the head in Santa Barbara's Mesa area, and told police dispatchers that the shooter might still be in the house.

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While a number of cities on the South Coast have successfully created a promenade by shutting down streets to cars and opening them to pedestrians, the city of Carpinteria is not one of them.

Its efforts to shut down two blocks of Linden Avenue have been cancelled, and now, the barricades have been removed and the street reopened to vehicles.

More than a month before ballots arrive, officials are saying that "this election is going to be different than any other."

That's according to Joe Holland, the Registrar of Voters in Santa Barbara County.

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When voters in Santa Barbara were asked to approve a 1 cent sales tax in 2017 aimed at improving streets, sidewalks, and eventually paying for a police station, the measure passed.

The police headquarters project is still under review, but now, new paving efforts are popping up all over Santa Barbara.

UCSB Photo

A South Coast athlete will be swimming ten miles as a way of generating money for coronavirus relief efforts.

Daniel Marella of UC Santa Barbara will be taking the plunge at Isla Vista this Saturday morning, and aiming to come out at the Yacht Club in Santa Barbara.

John Palminteri

The Santa Barbara City Council has extended the hours that bars and restaurants can stay open.

Eateries in the Central Business District, Coast Village Road, and the leisure area known as the Funk Zone will now be able to stay open until 12:30 a.m.

As the coronavirus crisis continues, street musicians have become the soundtrack of the new State Street Promenade in Santa Barbara.

The transition hasn't been entirely smooth: at times, the buskers have had to turn down the volume, or unplug their amps entirely.

About 250 employees of a luxury hotel on the South Coast marched around the property in protest and concern over their future.

Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara has been closed since mid-March due to the coronavirus.