Channel Islands National Park

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A popular national park off the South Coast is beginning a major improvement project that may even involve the closure of an entire island.
Visitors to Anacapa Island have been climbing up a steel rung ladder to the aging dock for years, but that may soon change.

Coronavirus concerns have turned the summer vacation season into the year of the “Great American Road Trip.”  Many people concerned about traveling overseas or getting into a plane to fly cross-country are now looking at places they can drive to. 

With coronavirus cases surging in the state, one South Coast National Park is offering a digital way to visit.

The Channel Islands National Park Service’s new app will help explorers - both digital and in person - tour the islands and see what services are available.

Coronavirus concerns are impacting are now impacting two National Park units on the South Coast. Channel Islands National Park, and the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area have both closed their visitor’s centers until further notice.

When you think of National Parks, places like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon might come to mind. But, one of the most unique ones is right here in our backyard. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people literally drive by it every single day. It’s Channel Islands National Park. The park is celebrating it’s 40th birthday.

A new report shows more than a million people visited two National Parks on the South Coast in 2018, contributing more than $84 million dollars to the region’s economy. In the past year, 867,000 people visited the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation, and an estimated 366,000 visited Channel Islands National Park.

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This is one whopper of a fish tale.

You’re diving off of one of the Channel Islands, and you come face to face with a giant fish. The Giant Sea Bass can live as long as many humans, to around 70 years old.

Some South Coast researchers are conducting a pair of studies to help us learn more about the mysterious fish.

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Channel Islands National Park has a new superintendent, but it’s someone who is already a familiar face in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. The National Park Service promoted Acting Superintendent Ethan McKinley to the post overseeing five islands.

Photo by Channel Islands National Park

The bald eagle population is expanding on the Channel Islands.

Channel Islands National Park  officials say this year has been the most successful breeding season since restoration efforts began in 1980.  A record 20 breeding pairs reared 19 bald eagle chicks across five Channel Islands.  The tally includes 11 chicks from six nests on Santa Cruz Island, two from one nest on Santa Rosa Island, five from four nests on Santa Catalina Island and one on San Clemente Island.

Brush Fire In Channel Islands Now Fully Contained

Apr 10, 2018
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A brush fire which started two weeks ago on one of the Channel Islands is now 100% contained.

The blaze started March 27th on Santa Cruz Island., which is part of Channel Islands National Park. Park Service officials say embers from a small pile of debris being burned moved into nearby brush.  The fire grew to just under 260 acres before it was full contained. 

A walk down a short little trail takes you to a unique new South Coast garden, with drought resistant plants which could be the future of landscaping in the region.

Tobias is on the job on Santa Cruz Island.

He was once a shelter dog in Montana. But, he’s now an environmental superstar. Tobias is a one of a kind “ant-dog”. He’s the only dog in the world trained to track down a specific invasive species of ant in the wild.

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The Santa Barbara and Ventura County coastlines are home to a one of a kind National Park.

Channel Islands National Park includes unique islands, some rare animal and plant life, as well as the special marine habitat. But, also off the coastline is a lesser known preserve. The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary is a 1400 square mile protected marine environment off the coast. It’s one of 14 federally designated marine protected areas.

But, it’s also on President Trump’s list of protected national monuments and sanctuaries he wants reviewed for their status, with an eye towards opening some for development of their natural resources.

There’s an undersea invasion taking place right off our coastline.

Two types of non-native seaweed are spreading along the California Coast, and are creating special concern for Marine Protected Area and Channel Islands National Park.

(Photo by Andrew Yamagiwa)

A small, delicate looking flower has been discovered for the first time on one of the Channel Islands. What’s known as the White Mallow has been found on Santa Barbara Island, which is part of Channel Islands National Park.