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The $2 trillion dollar federal economic stimulus package includes money to help airports on the Central and South Coasts, which have been hard hit by the loss of passenger traffic and other business. The U.S. Department of Transportation awarded more than $30 million dollars to the region’s airports.

(Ventura County Fire Department photo)

A preliminary federal report on a fatal plane crash on the South Coast shows engine problems may have been a factor in the accident. John Lewis had just taken off from Camarillo Airport October 8th when the tower radioed him that he was flying too low. The Woodland Hills man responded that his single engine plane was having problems climbing.

(Ventura County Fire Department photo)

One person is dead following a plane crash on the South Coast. A small experimental plane went down in a field near Camarillo Airport at around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon.

It burst into flames.

Witnesses say a small plane which crashed on the South Coast, and killed two people stalled during its final landing approach.

The August 7th crash at Camarillo Airport was witnessed by a flight instructor, and a student who were in a helicopter practicing hovering at Camarillo Airport.

A newly issued preliminary federal report has new details about what happened.

Ventura County Sheriff’s officials say the body of a man found in a car involved in a crash at Camarillo Airport is that of the County Airports Director.

The incident happened at about seven Thursday  morning, on the west side of the airport. The vehicle was burning when firefighters reached the scene. It was in an area which was restricted from public access.

A South Coast airport is working on a major expansion plan to help ease a lack of hangar space.

Ventura County officials are considering a proposal to add 100,000 square feet of commercial hangar space at Camarillo Airport.  RKR Incorporated wants to build four hangars and office space on a vacant six acre chunk of land on the northeast end of the airport. 

A South Coast airport which has a huge shortage of hangar space has received a federal grant which will help efforts to ease the problem.

Camarillo Airport is getting $3.7 million dollars from the Federal Aviation Administration to build a new aircraft parking area. The 16,000 square foot apron will set the stage for the addition of new hangar space.

There’s currently a five year waiting list for hangar space at the airport.

A Ventura County man could face more than two decades behind bars after prosecutors say he entered guilty pleas to charges of running a scam at a South Coast Airport.

Ventura County prosecutors say Charles Samuel Smith helped a victim reach a deal for long term airport hangar leases at Camarillo Airport. But, investigators say he then forged the victim’s signature and re-leased the hangars, keeping more than $780,000 he collected. The 67 year old Camarillo man entered guilty pleas to 18 felony charges, including forgery, grand theft, and money laundering counts.

It’s an incredible sight that attract crowds wherever it lands.

It’s a Ford Tri-Motor, a type of plane which was world’s first mass produced airliner. This plane visiting Camarillo Airport was built in 1928, and was one of the actual aircraft used to start the first coast to coast passenger airline service. As the name implies, it has three engines, and has a distinctive all silver corrugated steel finish.

Now, the plane is operated as a flying museum by America’s Experimental Aircraft Association Foundation, not just educating people but giving them the chance to go on the flight of a lifetime.

(Collings Foundation Photo)

They’re a seven decade old slice of history.

The World War Two era B-17, B-24, and B-25 bombers, and a P-51 fighter are visiting the Central and South Coasts as part of a 37 state national tour.