You may see a lot of repair projects underway on South Coast highway bridges during the next few weeks. Caltrans is starting work on 18 bridge projects on Highways 1, 23, 33, and 101 in Ventura County. Officials say the work is necessary to deal with damage and deterioration.

Motorists who normally use a South Coast highway are soon going to find an unexpected stop in the middle of it. Caltrans says some temporary stoplights are being installed on Highway 150 between Santa Paula and Ojai, to help with a construction project.

(Caltrans photo)

A sinkhole has developed next to a state highway in Ventura County following recent storms, closing one of its lanes indefinitely. The damage is on Highway 126 about a half mile east of Piru.

CHP officers say a driver suffering from a medical emergency swerved erratically on Highway 101 in Ventura County before smashing into a Caltrans truck, injuring a worker.

It happened just after 2 Monday afternoon in Thousand Oaks. 

Caltrans says it has crews on duty around the clock in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties in the Woolsey and Hill brush fire burn areas due to the storm moving through the region. The Pacific Coast Highway between Pt. Mugu and the Malibu area is considered to be especially vunerable to rain related slides which can cause delays, or closures.

A new project intended to deal with what’s been a decades old problem at a Highway 101 underpass on the South Coast is complete.

The Highway 101 undercrossing at Castillo Street has had issues for years, because of underground water which would continually damage the roadway. Water in the undercrossing due to the seepage would also create safety concerns.

Plans to add carpool lanes to a section of the South Coast will be the focus of a public hearing this week.

Caltrans is hosting the Thursday night meeting to gather comments on a planned project to add HOV lanes between Carpinteria and Santa Barbara.

Traffic is moving better than it has in years through one of the busiest, and what has been one of the most frustrating freeway interchanges in Ventura County.

The Highway 101-Highway 23 interchange is used by more than 170,000 commuters on an average weekday, and it had become one of the most congested sections of freeway in the county. A more than two year long, $37 million dollar project to improve the interchange is now complete.

A new beach parking lot is open on the South Coast today, just in time for the Fourth of July weekend.

The new Caltrans parking lot is on the Rincon between Ventura and Carpinteria. It’s located off of the Highway 101 Seacliff exit. Drivers should then go north on the Old Rincon Highway. The road dead ends in the parking lot.

It has more than 200 paved spaces, is lighted, and has a pedestrian walkway under Highway 101 to reach the beach. It’s open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m..

Use of the parking lot is free.

A Caltrans flatbed truck lost 7 barrels of drilling mud at the intersection of Highway 154 and State Street Wednesday.

The barrels came off the truck and some of them split open when they hit the asphalt, coating the street with mud.

There could be a number of overnight lane closures on some major highways in Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties next week. Caltrans has announced that a number of overhead highway signs will be replaced.

Some lighted overhead signs will be replaced with new reflective signs to save electricity. Highways 101, Highway 1, Highway 41, Highway 46, and Highway 153 are among the roadways which will have sign replacement work done between this Sunday night, and next Friday morning.