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(Photo by Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

Highway 101 has been completely closed by flooding in the Montecito area Tuesday morning by the big storm hitting the Central and South Coasts, with authorities having to rescue some people trapped in their vehicles.

The flooding happened during the 5 a.m. hour.  The southbound 101 is closed at Milpas Street in Santa Barbara, and northbound the closure starts at Highway 126 in Ventura.  Thousands of vehicles on the 101 were diverted, and turned around in  the Rincon area.

(Photo by Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

As the number of homes lost to the devastating Thomas brushfire in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties continues to grow, we hear more and more harrowing stories of the close calls of people fleeing the fast moving flames.

A Santa Barbara County man has one of those stories.


Firefighters say the raging Thomas brush fire in Ventura County is turning out to be as bad as it looked overnight, with more than 45,500 acres of land burned, and 150 structures destroyed.

The fire picked of homes in a number of neighbors, with some burning in the hills right above Downtown Ventura. The fire forced an estimated 27,000 evacuations.

They were crimes which shocked America, and left Southern California in terror.   In a two day period in 1969, seven people were brutally murdered in two upscale homes in the Los Angeles area.

Infamous cult leader Charles Manson, and some of his followers were arrested, and convicted of the killings.

With the death of Manson on Sunday at the age of 83, from natural causes, a Ventura journalist who covered the killings, and trial talks about the man who masterminded the brutal crimes.

(Photo from Ventura County Fire Department)

Authorities are trying to figure out what led to a multi-vehicle traffic accident which left one person dead, and five hurt on a busy Ventura County highway.

The crash happened just after 7 Friday night on Highway 126 between Fillmore and Santa Paula, in the Spaulding Drive area. CHP investigators are still trying to determine what happened, but four vehicles were involved in the crash.

Highway 126 was completely closed for about an hour, and parts of the highway were shut down for more than six hours. The name of the person who died hasn’t been released yet.