Santa Barbara County leaders are set to begin final review of one of the most solid county budgets it’s had in years. For the first time in more than a decade no service reductions are being proposed for county departments.

Santa Barbara County Supervisors approved a $1.1 billion dollar budget for the new fiscal year which doesn’t call for any layoffs, and does include an estimated six million dollars in revenue from new county marijuana taxes.

The budget includes an estimated 85 new full-time jobs, most of which are tied to the ramping-up of staff needed for the new County jail being built in Santa Maria.

There are yet more changes in the executive staff of a South Coast city which has been trying to emerge from financial turmoil.

It’s being called a tight budget, but includes proposals for spending increases in public safety and social services.

Ventura County could approve a $2.16 billion dollar budget this evening. The budget plan is 5.6% higher than last year’s, with the increases focused on areas like public safety. But, state and federal funding will help pay for new positions needed to help in areas like health care, and adult and child protective services. The plan also includes adding to the county’s reserves, which would push them to $136 million dollars, the highest in the county’s history.