John Paliminteri

There's a new pace to life in downtown Santa Barbara these days, not just for pedestrians, but also for bike riders.

"This is ideal," says Kent Epperson, Director of Traffic Solutions. "This is the kind of atmosphere we want to create."

Events up and down the South Coast this week are looking to spotlight going green with electric vehicles, but for those interested in a less-conventional mode of green transport, electric bicycles have been growing in popularity as a rental and even daily transport option. 

Photo by Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition

Bicycle advocates are hoping to bring a bike share network to the Santa Barbara area.

The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition envisions a fleet of self-service bikes available 24 hours a day in locations all around the Santa Barbara area. While this is only an idea, it’s a concept advocates are hoping to implement.

Eve Sanford with the Coalition says a bike share feasibility study was conducted and found that such a system could thrive in the region.

With the end of Daylight Savings last weekend, darkness will be setting in earlier.

That will be especially troublesome for bicycle commuters, many of whom lack proper lights on their bikes, which could result in tickets.

Santa Barbara County is trying to clear Isla Vista of old, abandoned bicycles before the new school year begins.

Workers are tagging bikes that appeared to be abandoned, whether due to missing components such as tires or just a locked up rusty frame.

What's known as the Fiesta Cruiser Ride takes place Sunday at noon in Santa Barbara, Goleta and Isla Vista.

The event is un-permitted, but has still gained popularity in recent years with hundreds of participants. 

The event takes place starting at Cabrillo Boulevard, going up State Street.

The Santa Barbara bicycle master plan has been supported by city leaders to make the streets safer for bike riders and drivers.

Transportation officials have been a topic of widespread debates community meetings and redesigns for months.

They have been especially concerned about the way the roads have been shared during the heavy commute hours, and also the high rate of injury accidents in recent years between cars and bikes.

After months of strained relationships between city leaders, bike groups, residents and planners, the city of Santa Barbara is now closer to reaching an agreement on a bicycle master plan.

Plans to change usage for Micheltorena Street in Santa Barbara to clear space for a bicycle route have taken a detour.

The city transportation committee has heard from residents, business owners and bicycle enthusiasts, and is looking for a new solution with a route that utilizes Sola Street nearby.