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Ventura County Girls Take Part In Computer Coding Event

Middle and high school girls throughout Ventura County create games, apps and websites during a computer coding event.

Dozens of Ventura County middle and high school girls spent a large part of their weekend doing computer coding. 

The Ventura County Office of Education organized this Hackathon by the Sea that took place Friday evening and all day Saturday at its education center in Moorpark. It was geared towards getting girls excited about computer science.

Fourteen-year-old Shay Rivera Bremner of Ventura was working with her team to build a computer game that teaches kids about the dangers of pollution.

"It's so cool because it opens up new possibilities, and there's so many new jobs that are available.  And it's really good to get girls into coding because there aren't that many in the field right now," she says.

The theme was "Make Tomorrow Better."

Most of the 65 girls who participated had very little or no knowledge of coding before the hackathon.