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High School Students Pull All-Nighter During Computer Coding Event In Ventura County

A team of high school students do computer coding during Hackathon by the Sea in Camarillo

More than 100 high school students pulled an all-nighter this weekend to do computer coding.

The Ventura County Office of Education hosted its first Hackathon By the Sea at its conference center in Camarillo where students did coding projects that included creating websites, apps and games.

Seventeen-year-old Jasanpreet Pandar was like many students who worked from Friday evening through Saturday afternoon without sleep.

"We don't really have a lot of events when we can create something that's completely new and completely innovative. And, being able to roam free in that field of computer science and being able to create literally anything was something really new and exciting," she said.

The Hackathon was an engaging way to expose students to the world of computer coding and the many career opportunities in the field.