Volunteers Build Homes For Low-Income Families In Ventura County

Mar 20, 2016

Volunteers spent part of the weekend building homes for low-income families in Santa Paula.

They sawed wood to lay down the foundation of a four-bedroom house; that home will soon belong to a struggling family.

Cesar Guiza, his wife and their three children currently live in a tiny, one-bedroom mobile home in a high-crime area of Fillmore.

“It’s very bad living there, and I want to offer a better place to my family," Guiza said.

This is one of eight homes being built on Trinity Lane by Habitat for Humanity volunteers like Frank Blum.

“Seeing the opportunity to change terrible living conditions into a wonderful opportunity to change the whole future for their families,” he said.

Guiza also volunteers to build the development.

He says he’s looking forward to having a place called home, so that he can give his children a brighter future.

“We can save money for sending our children to school, to the college,” Guiza said.

The housing project is expected to be completed next year.