Volunteer Group Helps Montecito Families Dig Property Out From Mud

Feb 1, 2018

An all-volunteer group has come together in Montecito to help their neighbors who are digging out from all the mud caked around their property.

One of the leaders is Abe Powell from the Montecito Fire Protection district.

"We got hit by a biblical level of fire and flood," Powell says, "so we're coordinating a biblical level response from the community for the community, to deal with this crisis."

Some of the members are from Ventura's Help California relief group, which helps fire victims, as well as the Upper Ojai Valley relief organization.

Members of the group bring shovels, brooms, skip loaders and more, and are meeting with residents who need to dig out, get their cars moved, and get to their front doors, and are assigning teams to each property.

The group is hoping for a large number of volunteers all weekend long until 2 on Sunday, when they'll break for the Super Bowl.