Ventura County Retains Law Firm For Legal Action To Recover Thomas Fire Losses

May 16, 2018

Ventura County is the latest agency to lawyer up for a potential lawsuit against a utility company for losses suffered from the Thomas Fire, and flood.

County Supervisors approved hiring the law firm of Baron & Budd to represent it in legal action over the twin disasters.

The law firm would handle a suit on a contingency basis, meaning it would assume all expenses. If the county were to get money through a trial or settlement, Baron & Budd would get 18% of the money, plus repayment of expenses.

While federal disaster funding will cover most of the county’s costs, it’s expected the impacts to the county’s budget could still be several million dollars. The law firm already represents Santa Barbara County, the City of Santa Barbara, and the Montecito Water District in efforts to recover losses.