Ventura County Man Accused Of Killing Roomate; No Body Found

May 13, 2019

A 911 call about a murder had led to the discovery of a possible murder scene in Ventura County, as well an arrest, but no body.

Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies went to a home on Meyer Road in Meiners Oaks on Sunday. They found a bloody scene at the house which fit with a homicide. No body was found at the scene.

Detectives say information led them to believe that Cameron Lykins had killed his roommate, Houston Auer, and then removed the 22 year old’s corpse.

Lykins was found in Lone Pine Sunday afternoon and detectives say his vehicle had evidence it was used to move Auer’s body.

The 23 year old was arrested for murder.

Investigators say they haven’t recovered a body and that Lykins isn’t cooperating. He’s now in custody in Ventura County.