Two Litters Of Mountain Lion Kittens Found In Ventura County Mountains

Jul 6, 2016

They are cute little kitties now, but you probably wouldn’t want to meet them on a hike when they’re adults. Two litters of mountain lion kittens have been discovered in the eastern Ventura County mountains.

National Park Service researchers who’ve been tracking mountain lions in the region discovered the two separate litters in the Santa Susana Mountains. The mountains are an important habitat linkage between the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation area, and the Los Padres National Forest. The three female, and two male kittens were discovered last month.

They have been tagged so researchers can keep track of them as they grow.

Researchers say the kittens are doing well now, but will face a tougher time as they get older. They face the danger of crossing roads, as well as accidental poisoning from rodenticide. As they get older, they also can face challenges from other mountain lions, especially males, which are very territorial.