Teen Arrested After Wearing What Appeared To Be Suicide Bomber Vest In Ventura County Mall

Aug 20, 2018

A teen is in big trouble in Ventura County, after police say he walked around a mall wearing a vest with wires hanging out, which made it look like he was a suicide bomber.

Simi Valley Police received numerous 911 calls Sunday afternoon about a young man in the Simi Valley Town Center behaving suspiciously.

Callers told police besides wearing the vest, the teen carried a suspicious looking briefcase. They say he would periodically set it down on the ground, and run away as if it were a bomb.

Employees at one business closed their doors, and triggered their burglar alarm to alert police. Officers got to the mall quickly and determined it was a hoax.

They took two teens into custody. The 17 year old boy wearing the vest was arrested on criminal threat, and false bomb threat charges.