State Attorney General Slams New Environmental Proposals At Conference On South Coast

Jun 20, 2019

A new enviromental plan from Washington has some attorneys general speaking out strongly, saying the Affordable Clean Energy Rule will be harmful to the environment in the long run.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra says the plan is "ill-advised."

Becerra was speaking to colleagues and counterparts from Oregon, Iowa, and Colorado, who were in the Goleta area for a meeting.

The new proposal, Becerra says, is like "going backwards."

The Attorney General was referring to the lack of special limits on power plants in the proposoal, which supporters say would allow companies to set their own standards that are best-suited for their operations.

Becerra contends that provision would allow pollution to continue, and in some instances, possibly add more emissions into the atmosphere.

The Attorneys General are planning to challenge the proposal in court.