South Coast Hotel Adapts To Coronavirus Crisis By Offering Rooms As Workspaces

Mar 25, 2020

A South Coast hotel is making changes to adapt to the coronavirus crisis: it's still taking reservations, but it's also offering rooms for business personnel as workspace.

"We know people have to work, so what we're doing is coming up with a business day-rate," says Drew Wakefield, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Ramada by Wyndham in Goleta.

He says that he knows businesspeople need a quite and secure environment to do their work, and they can't always find that at home.

"It could be very difficult to work at home if the kids are running around, if the dog is barking, if the internet is slow, if there are all kinds of other things going on," Wakefield says.

The hotel also has a duck pond, as long as people keep their recommended social distance.

The plan is to help businesspeople, but also keep employees of the hotel at their shifts.