South Coast College Professor And Students Produce Documentary On California's Drought

Apr 16, 2018

A documentary on California’s historic drought produced by a South Coast college professor and his students will be screened this week.

The film “Turf Wars: SoCal Water Conservation” takes a deep look into the state’s severe drought and its impacts.  It was created by a film professor and his two students at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. 

Karie Portillo Guerra, who was a student when she helped create the film, says it was eye-opening to see the devastation in Central Valley towns that had pumped their groundwater dry.

"To truly see those fallow fields everywhere where you knew there was once a lot of flourishing crops.  Seeing people having to leave everything they know because of this drought was incredibly heartbreaking but also just a testament to how important the work that we were doing was," she said.

The documentary will be screened on Wednesday at 6:30 pm at the Grant R. Brimhall Library in Thousand Oaks.

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