Simi Valley Upholds Controversial Stand Against State's Immigrant Sanctuary Laws

Jun 26, 2018

With a huge crowd on hand, a city council in Ventura County Monday night reaffirmed its controversial stand against the state’s immigrant sanctuary laws.

In April, the Simi Valley City Council approved a resolution opposing the legislation, and supporting a federal lawsuit against the state. City officials claim they followed proper procedure in taking the vote, but opponents contended they violated the state’s open meeting law by making the decision in closed session.

When asked by a council member on Monday why the April meeting was behind closed doors, the city attorney would not comment on it. After being threatened with a lawsuit, the city council agreed to re-do the vote, prompting last night's hearing.

Hundreds of people were on hand for the hearing, which lasted about five hours. The council voted 4-0 to reaffirm its previous stand on the issue, with one councilmember absent from the meeting.