Search Resumes For Final Victim Of Channel Islands Boat Fire; Salvage Operations Set To Restart

Sep 10, 2019

Conditions at sea improved enough Tuesday that divers could resume the search for the body of the one person still missing from the Labor Day diving boat fire in the Channel Islands, which killed 34 people. 33 bodies were recovered last week, but conditions became too rough over the weekend for the search to continue for the final remains.

Plans call for salvage operations to resume Wednesday.

The Conception caught on fire, and sank off the coast of Santa Cruz Island. It capsized, making the search for bodies even more difficult. Salvage crews were able to turn the boat upright, but it still remains on the sea floor about 60 feet from the surface.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office has released the names of five additional victims, all people from Northern California. The Coroner’s Office is still working with DNA samples to positively identify the last six bodies which have been recovered. Three of the 34 victims are from the South Coast.