Santa Barbara County Moves Ahead With Next Phase Of Reopenings

Jun 26, 2020

While the state has paused the next phase of reopenings, Santa Barbara County moved ahead Friday with an already approved one.

It had put its next phase on pause because of an increase in new cases last week.  The reopenings include skin care services, hair removal, nail salons, tattoo parlors, piercing shops, massage therapy, and businesses offering facial, electrolysis, and waxing services.

The businesses have to go through an attestation process with the county, in which they certify that they will meet specific coronavirus safety guidelines.

One of the biggest rules is that services can only be provided if both the person doing the work, and the person receiving the services can remain masked at all times.  

However, many of the businesses which were allowed to reopen Friday didn't, because they were still in the process of taking steps to meet safety requirements.