Ronald Reagan Brought Back To Life With Holograms In New Exhibition In Ventura County

Oct 11, 2018

A new cutting edge exhibition uses hologram technology to bring President Ronald Reagan back to life in Ventura County. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library has been looking at the hologram idea for four years, and it took nearly two years of actual work to make it happen. The new exhibition features three hologram scenes.

The holograms include a stop during the 1984 Presidential campaign, a visit to the Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara County, Rancho Del Cielo, and a talk with the President in the Oval Office.

It’s the first time a hologram has been created of a U.S. President.

The goal was to create an exhibit which was not only lifelike, but uses some of the late President’s real dialogue, and his actual audio. Because he is no longer alive, to make the process work the team found an actor the same size as Reagan to recreate his body movements. A physical mold was created of his head, and photographed using a special technique with 300 cameras. The digital head was matched with the actor’s body, and then a computer was used to help create the specific movements needed to match the dialogue.

The holograms will be a permanent part of the Reagan Library. It will be the first exhibit to greet people touring the library, setting the stage for their visit.