Port On South Coast Goes Bananas At Annual Banana Festival

Sep 28, 2019

A South Coast port is literally going bananas Saturday.

The Port of Hueneme is hosting its 8th annual Banana Festival, which will celebrate the yellow fruit (the banana is technically a berry) with pie-eating contests, tours of the port, and of course, banana flavored food. 

“We have banana popcorn, banana empanadas, banana pina coladas, banana chocolate dip, saltwater taffy; anything banana you can think of we have here at the port,” says Cam Spencer with the Port of Hueneme.

He says bananas and the port go hand in hand, considering how many bananas come through the port annually.

“We handle about 3.3 billion bananas a year," Spencer says. "That’s enough bananas that if you lined them up end to end they would encompass the globe 13 times.”

The festival starts at ten and runs until 6 pm, and is free to the public.