Popular South Coast Festival Could Be On The Hook For Confetti Cleanup Costs

Jul 16, 2019

A meeting this week will determine if the popular Santa Barbara festival Old Spanish Days will have to put up new funding toward enhanced cleaning efforts during events in two weeks.

As part of giving the festival a permit, the city of Santa Barbara would require an organization to clean up the area where the event is held and restore it to the same condition as prior to the event.

At issue is the amount of confetti that ends up on the ground, mainly from cascarones, a confetti egg, as well as the bags of confetti sold by unpermitted vendors on State Street and in Spanish markets.

The city, the Old Spanish Days festival, and the Downtown Organization, are working to discourage the festive use of confetti, and especially stop any mylar sequins or plastic products from getting into the ocean.

It's unlikely that a ban on sales or a vending permit policy would be implemented this year.