One Of America's Leading Political Commentators Visiting South Coast; Talking About Moral Living

Feb 7, 2020

It’s been a turbulent few weeks for the United States politically, with emotions running high.  There’s been a huge lack of civility.

A nationally known author, NPR commentator, and New York Times op-ed columnist is touching on the subject when he comes to Santa Barbara to speak about what he called “The Quest For A Moral Life:”

David Brooks says the current state of things isn’t great.  Brooks believes part of the issue is that in recent decades, we’ve become more self-interested, instead of thinking about the common good.

Brooks has a new book out, called “The Second Mountain,” in which he talks about two metaphorical mountains we need to climb to live a moral life.  He's trying to help people find the path to more meaningful, happier lives.

Brooks admits he lost focus on his priorities at one point, but has rebooted himself.

Brooks will speak at Santa Barbara’s Granada Theater Tuesday night.  Tickets to the UC Santa Barbara Arts and Lectures event are available at the theater.  His new book will be available at the theater, and he’ll do a signing event after the 7:30 p.m. lecture.