Number Of Coronavirus Cases On Central, South Coasts Now Tops 100

Mar 24, 2020

The number of coronavirus cases on the Central and South Coasts now tops 100 as of Tuesday night. We currently stand at 105 people diagnosed with the virus. San Luis Obispo County has 42 confirmed cases, Ventura County has 39, and Santa Barbara County 24.  But, the one bit of good news is only a handful of people are in serious enough condition to be in hospitals.  We’ve had one death in the region, a man in his 70’s in Ventura County.

At a Tuesday afternoon news conference, Santa Barbara County Public Health Officer Dr. Henning Ansorg said we can still expect to see a significant rise in the number of cases in the region.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown says people have been largely cooperating with the stay at home order.

Brown also says they have been working to insure the safety of county jail inmates, stepping up efforts to disinfect facilities, while releasing some low level offenders. He says the number of inmates in the county's system is at its lowest level in more than a decade.