Not Cancelled, But Pequeña: Santa Barbara's Old Spanish Days To Go Online

May 22, 2020

Santa Barbara's Old Spanish Days Fiesta is one of the most iconic events on the South Coast, drawing throngs of visitors every year.

This year, however, the dancing, singing, and parades that make up the Fiesta will be in a completely different form due to the coronavirus.

Spokesman and El Presidente, Erik Davis, says that the Fiesta will become a hybrid version of its old self: Fiesta Pequeña.

That means no big crowds, no mercados in downtown Santa Barbara or on the North Side, and no parade down State Street.

Instead, shows will be available to watch on TV or online, and officials are encouraging the public to have small fiestas at home.

Davis says that while it's heartbreaking to have to change the Fiesta's format, the spirit will not be taken from the iconic event.

He added that between now and August 5, the start of the Fiesta, there could still be changes made to the format.