More Controversy At South Coast University Over Racism Concerns

Feb 13, 2020

There’s new concern at a South Coast university dealing with some racially insensitive incidents.  Cal Lutheran officials initially said they were investigating two racist posts involving students on social media. Then, Instagram images surfaced from a Halloween party involving some Cal Lutheran executives five years ago.

The theme was famous musicians. One of the executives, who has since retired, went as Bob Marley. The official was white, and Marley is black. The images created new controversy about racism concerns on campus.

Cal Lutheran President Chris Kimball had a campus meeting with students, staff and faculty members to apologize. He said it was insensitive of him not to say something, especially since he talked to the official about another issue. He said it was wrong, and he was wrong, and that he knows he has some growth to accomplish.

Cal Lutheran is the parent of KCLU.