Library System On Central Coast Expands Borrowing With Unusual Option: Seeds

Aug 5, 2019

A program on the Central Coast is expanding the boundaries of what libraries lend their patrons. The City of Santa Maria is looking to bring attention to its seed library, which gives out packets of seeds for free to the public.

But seeds - unlike books - are a single-use item, so how does a seed library work?

"People can come into the library and choose which ones they want," says Librarian Gillian Speicher. "What we hope is that when people take the seeds, they’ll leave a couple of plants to go to seed, and then bring the seeds back to us."

All five branches of the Santa Maria library are offering seed lending services, and Speicher says that the success of the seed library has inspired them to start a succulent exchange as well.

For those interested in getting started this season, Speicher has some tips on what's important for a summer planting: “From personal experience, definately water. Water the seedlings.”

The seed libraries are free to members of the public, even if you don’t have a library card.