With High Winds And Fire Conditions, Halloween Decorations And Electronics Pose Possible Risk

Oct 29, 2019

The combination of hot, dry weather, Halloween, and decorations on homes has become a concern for fire officials.

Amber Anderson with the Santa Barbara City Fire Department says that many people can have trip-and-fall incidents when they get into areas like haunted houses that have objects and decorations in walkways.

Anderson adds that when people plug extension cords into other extension cords, they create a hazard.

"Power strips and extension cords, where you have one going into another going into another? Electrical outlets and supply sources are rated for a certain amount of energy, and those can easily be overloaded," Anderson says.

An overload is not what the fire department wants to see at a time when we have very dry conditions. With the fires burning in the Southern California area, resources are stretched thin.