Governor Says Those Over 65 Should Self-Quarantine; Bars, Clubs, Wineries Called On To Close

Mar 15, 2020

California Governor Gavin Newsom has called for major new steps Sunday to battle the spread of coronavirus in the state.  He says those over 65 should self-quarantine in their homes to reduce their exposure to the coronavirus risk.  Newsom is also seeking the shutdown of bars, clubs, wineries and other non-essential gathering spots.  However, he stopped short of pushing for the closure of restaurants.

The governor called for the new steps during a Sunday afternoon news conference.  The Governor says there needs to be a focus on seniors, who ae had highest risk from COVID-19.  In addition to calling for everyone over 65 to self-quarantine, he says visits to nursing home and other senior facilities need to be limited to end of life circumstances.

The Governor's call for the closure of nightclubs, bars, and wineries isn't technically an order at this point, but he says he expects them to comply.  Some have already taken that step.

Newsom says restaurants should remain open, because they are important for those who have limited ability to prepare food at home.  He says they should practice socal distancing.

He also says the state is partnering with a company to expand testing in parts of the state where we've seen outbreaks, which are currently in Northern Californa.